Now, Cortina can boast a history full of sporting events and memorable challenges in vintage car racing.

A legend built around the love for cars and mountains, which embodies the great passion for motors, the desire to stay together and the refinement that makes Cortina a special place.
A trail of elegance in the snow, the ancient noise of the roar of the most fascinating racing cars, a suggestive route, an adrenaline-charged adventure that makes this corner of the Alps portagonist of numerous car races every year.
We propose this destination for periods of the year when the roads are not full of snow. Driving among the hairpin bends in the Dolomites is already full of adventure without adding the difficulty of driving in extreme conditions that is not suitable for all drivers.

The route winds up through a breathtaking panorama: the steep vertical walls, the rocky sculptures imprinted on the peaks and the incomparable pink colours that contrast with the blue sky have allowed the Dolomites to be declared UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 2009.
The surrounding area offers hospitality and meeting spaces sufficient for any event. The location and the difficult access from airports makes this destination suitable only for events with guests coming from Northern Italy, exclusively by car. Belluno station is about 70 km away and is not connected to the high-speed train.