The Convention

Unlike the mere Team Building activities, the Classic Rally is a unique event where corporate communication is perfectly integrated and designed to constitute an application and a "field trial" of what is discussed and defined in the plenary room and in the work of sub-groups.
It is not only a playful moment that interrupts the work, but also a way to emotionally and personally experience what you can only listen to in the room, while constantly holding the attention and the positive tension on the company's communicational objectives.

The Convention guides the entire project and every detail of the event is agreed and defined with the company’s management team, so as not to divert from the things in which the company is committed.
After the meetings in the plenary room, the teams will alternate sub-group work with road tests with a timetable designed to avoid unnecessary moments of waiting or inactivity. The selected destinations have enough space for the convention and subgroup rooms to accommodate all the participants.

Our team

A racing team manager in collaboration with a company trainer will build an event where the car test is perfectly integrated with the convention and the company's objectives. The rally as a testing ground for the participants' management and team leadership skills as well as driver skills.

A team of professionals can manage your event entirely: from the production of multimedia content to the creation of stage sets and room customizations, with decades of experience in the management of major events.

Brand Immersion

It will be a great opportunity of brand immersion. An area completely "invaded" by your event where you can state your corporate communication everywhere. From cars to routes, our communication team will not miss any chance to turn the entire rally area into a great event.

Would you like to participate with your car?

Are you already a vintage car enthusiast or simply own a family car with historic value and would you like to take part in the Classic Rally with your car? No problem. Cars built from 1919 to 1990 are allowed if they can drive in Italy in compliance with the Highway Code and the servicing obligation. For Italian cars, a historicity document issued by CSAI, ASI, FIVA or brand register is required. No documents are required for foreign cars. You can reach the destination directly by your car or take advantage of the transport on the car transporter offered by our organization that will collect your car directly at home and bring it back at the end of the event. However, you will have all the technical assistance provided for our cars involved in the race.