How does it work?

It is not a team building but a meeting place that revolves around an exciting car race. The entire race will be structured in such a way as to address, in the management of each racing team, the most sensitive and topical issues with respect to the corporate training objectives. Cars will be the vehicle for interpreting, thinking about unexpected solutions, reversing commonplaces and revolutionizing the meaning of words that condition and limit us every day. These wonderful cars will take us from one topic to the next, asking for solutions, ingenuity and inventiveness as a fuel to be able to continue and reach the final goal.

A series of stunning destinations in Italy, chosen for the possibility of having all the accommodation capacity for the event, convention and car race.


Hospitality and meeting areas

Plenary room, subgroup rooms, hospitality for the various teams with the formula of the diffused hotel as to be able to customize each hotel with the colours of the team or with the multiple brands of the company or in a single facility if it is more in line with the company's objectives.

And what about if there is not a plenary room?

We bring it!

We also have a 400 square-metre air-conditioned and heated mobile meeting room that can be mounted in less than 3 hours in case the destination of your choice does not have an adequate space, as to avoid having to compromise with your needs.

Convention time

No distraction from corporate objectives

The moments of corporate communication and meetings will alternate with the automobile race allowing participants to reconcile the concentration in the hall with the most instinctive adrenaline of the Rally.

Logistics & Travel

In our group, there are those who do just that...

You can choose to "buy" the destination with the entire organization and hospitality connected to it and entrust your guests' travel and transfers to your trusted agency or have a complete organization.

Our cars

A stable of vintage cars available

A large fleet of cars in perfect aesthetic and maintenance condition. They are constantly monitored and assisted by professional mechanics who will also follow the event for any need. We have means to quickly transfer cars to any destination as well as all the amount of cars you need. In addition, there are two vintage limousines to transfer your VIPs from/to the airports.

Our cars

Would you like to participate with your car?

We are happy to share a passion!

Are you already a vintage car enthusiast or simply own a family car with historic value and would you like to take part in the Classic Rally with your car?
No problem.

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