Land of quails, shelter of seagulls, quiet harbour or, more simply, U' Scogghiu (the rock), as it is called in dialect by its inhabitants, the island of Ortigia assumed different names and colors over the centuries, which always leave intact its identity as a place intended for reception.

The sea and the sirocco, which outlined its profile in their millenary processes, have marked the fate of this strip of Sicily halfway between East and West, between Carthage and Rome, pushing Greek and Christian ships in the arms of its port. This is why, along its labyrinthine alleys and innumerable squares, you can live a unique experience and breathe all the scent of the Mediterranean.
Discovering the island of Ortigia means coming into contact with different cultures but, above all, getting to know Sicily in its most intimate aspects. Palaces, courtyards, churches and convents give way to temples, castles and fountains, composing a mosaic skillfully strung together in white stone, whose precious tiles shine in the sun and mark the indelible passage of the Aragonese and the Arabs.

«The whole Sicily is a fantastic dimension. How do you live there without imagination?» Leonardo Sciascia, who loved walking in a very rude Ortigia, wrote.
We imagined ourselves behind the wheel of an English sport car riding the white pavement of Ortigia when we chose this destination. The suggestion is always the same....colonize a place and color it with our colors, our guests and our cars, for a few days. Ortigia seemed perfect to us....! A space enclosed between 3 branches of crystal clear sea with a wide range of charming hotels and conference rooms that we need. All wrapped in a mix between a millenary and impassive history and a glamour for a few people.... elegant, not obvious.
The Mi.Ka.Tu. the wine bar recently opened by Henry's House, is the right place for an aperitif with a Zibibbo (kind of muscatel) and Sicilian tastings. Lunch break on the road at the market in Ortigia with glasses full of sea urchins eggs - to be spread on hot bread - for sale on the fish market....